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Miffys Voyage Café

"Miffys Voyage Café" is the exciting new journey

of the famous character from the Netherlands, Miffy. This time, Miffy will take everyone on an adventure, documenting her travels and the places she visits, allowing you to experience the charm of different locations through her eyes.

Miffy invites her friends to join her in opening the

first page of the Miffy's Voyage Café @ Camel Republic Cha-Am. This café, designed in a Moroccan-style architecture, blends Miffy's cuteness into every aspect, from café decorations to food, pastries, and beverages. Come and immerse yourself in the atmosphere and beauty of the architecture, enjoy the cuteness of Miffy and her friends, and indulge in the food and drinks. Let's meet today at Miffy's Voyage Café @ Camel Republic Cha-Am.

#ReadyFaces #ReadyCamera #HappinessWaitingToTakeYouHome


MONDAY - FRIDAY 10.00 - 18.00

SATURDAY- SUNDAY 09.30 - 18.00


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